Refreshingly Affordable!

We all know money doesn't grow on trees.  I want to see you make a good return on your investment as quickly as possible.  That's why complimentary updates & revisions are included with the monthly hosting fee, and I offer multi-site discounts and annual hosting plans to save you even more money!

Honest Up-Front Pricing

One time design fee from start to finish - no hidden fees or contracts.
Complimentary updates & revisions included with monthly hosting.
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How Much Is a New Customer or Donor Worth to You?
Sure, you can DIY or have a cousin play around with a new website for you.  But by the time you add all the bells and whistles, (already included in any website design by Web Design by Shirley) you could end up paying quite a bit more than you bargained for and have a website that looks totally different on a cell phone or isn't fully functional.

At these prices, why not trust it to a professional and have your new website online and accessible to your customers in as little as a week or two?  Then, you can focus your time and energy on doing what you love and growing your business or ministry!


Tier 1 - A One Page Design

$449 one-time design fee
$30 / month hosting & management

(A less complex landing page to help people find you.)

Tier 2 - A Three to Five Page Design

$689 one-time design fee
$40 / month hosting & management

(Typically a home page, services, and contact us page.)

Tier 3 - Five or More Pages

$889 one-time design fee
$40 / month hosting & management

(Most websites fall under Tier 2 or 3.)

Tier 4 - Multiple Pages & Heavier Content

$1249 one-time design fee
$50 / month hosting & management

(Extensive research or product listings, multiple or elaborate photo galleries, multiple documents, etc. may fall into Tier 4.)